COF Assessment

When cultural diversity is leveraged it opens up new choices, creativity, and opportunities that go beyond current limitations to achieve sustainable success and motivation. The COF Assessment facilitates the understanding of cultural characteristics for individuals, teams, and organizations. It can be used for:

  • individual coaching
  • leadership training and development
  • intercultural training
  • cross cultural services
  • cultural diversity training
  • team coaching
  • team bonding activities
  • corporate team building activities
  • team building workshop
  • experiencing intercultural communication
  • organizational cultural audits
  • understanding and managing diversity
  • managing across cultures
  • managing cultural differences

The COF Assessment is based on Philippe Rosinski’s groundbreaking book “Coaching Across Cultures” which has been chosen by the Harvard Business School as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership.  This assessment goes hand-in-hand with an inclusive and dynamic vision of culture, beyond the traditional binary and static approaches, which often tend to reinforce stereotypes.

The COF Assessment allows you to examine your cultural influencers that make up your identity (gender, race, ethnicity, etc.).

Besides your own profile, you can see group cultural profiles in multiple, customizable ways (e.g., team, organization as well as profiles per categories/fields predefined, such as division, nationality, management level, merging entities, etc.).

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D. Sguizzarelli, Country Finance Manager, IKEA Australia

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