Executive Team Building

Executive members are all top of the league in their functional role and this is what they defend. Their challenge is often with how to be an effective board member with other top class executive members.

Football fans know that putting together top football players is no guarantee to win a game. Coaching is indispensable.

Global Success Coaching works with Executive team member 1:1 and/or the whole team to achieve superior performance on local and global levels. The coaching will also create joy in your life and for others. 

In our ‘Executive Team Building’ you will reach a deep awareness of the other Executive Team member’s:

  • Motivating needs
  • Leadership styles
  • Communication styles
  • Delegation styles
  • Decision making styles
  • Learning styles
  • Behaviors

By knowing, integrating, and working with the specific differences of the Executive team members, productivity and the ability to work successfully together as a high performing team increases tremendously.  

Global Success Coaching supports your Executive Team to reach sustainable high performance at the top team level, so you become a role model and an inspiration for the rest of the organization. Clear vision, unity, and healthy team dynamics at the top makes it easier to drive change throughout the organization.

Our Team

Global Success Coaching is part of an international network of professional Coaches and Specialists from a range of private sectors, with a wide span of international experience and expertise.

We are particularly specialized in supporting organizations, teams, and leaders in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region.

How can I describe the coaching sessions I have had with Cornelia in a few words? That’s a challenge itself. When we have had the first meeting over the phone, I was quite nervous as it was something new that I have never done before and… being over the phone not able to see the coach was a strange feeling. However, thanks to the calm of Cornelia’s voice and the open questions, I felt quite [Read more]

D. Sguizzarelli, Country Finance Manager, IKEA Australia

Executive Coaching Case Study

Angela was a senior executive of a European multi-national company, sent to an Asian country to head the Executive Management Team. []