PI® (The Predictive Index®) Behavioral Assessment

The Predictive Index® is a proven management tool used to improve performance and productivity at all levels of the organization. PI® gives you the power and knowledge to better motivate, lead, and utilize your people to achieve your company’s goals.

The PI Behavioral Assessment is often used in combination with coaching or training but it is also a powerful stand-alone activity.

It is an effective tool for

  • Optimum team efficiency
  • Powerful team building
  • Leadership training and development
  • Boosting performance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Lifting motivation and satisfaction
  • Recruitment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Succession planning
  • Change management
  • Understanding and managing diversity
  • Managing across cultures
  • Managing cultural differences


We are a Certified Partner that is authorised to sell, consult, and train using the PI® methodology and system.

The Predictive Index®, PI Learning Indicator™, PI Professional Series™ are registered trademarks of The Predictive Index, LLC and are used here with permission.


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Thanks to working with Cornelia, I acquired Cross-cultural Identity and Cross-cultural Sensitivity. This helped me shift from “same rules, same generic process around the world” mentality to being more flexible on local market needs. I can now say that I am confident in my role and I keep delivering results globally and locally.

J. Diamond, General Manager, Across NY

Executive Coaching Case Study

Angela was a senior executive of a European multi-national company, sent to an Asian country to head the Executive Management Team. [Read more]