Diversity Training & Coaching for Leadership Development

Often performance issues can be traced to cultural issues. For a leader to interact well with others, it is important to become aware of your own cultural biases and cultural identity.

The main focus of ‘Diversity Training & Coaching for Leadership Development’ is to support leaders in stepping into, and deepening, their role as champions of engaging the workforce.

You will become mindful of cultural implications of your everyday work. We support leaders in building acceptance of differing cultural norms and finding ways of leveraging cultural diversity which opens up new choices, creativity, and opportunities that go beyond current limitations to achieve sustainable success and motivation on global and local levels.

Global Success Coaching works with managers and leaders to

  • Grow your global leadership capabilities
  • Gain flexibility in your leadership style
  • Manage and lead across cultures successfully while feeling fulfillment
  • Understand and manage diversity on global and local levels
  • Manage cultural differences and conflicts powerfully and inspirationally
  • Perform on global and local levels
  • Constantly achieve high results and performance both from team members and yourselves.

Being an effective global leader means developing your team to be highly skilled and knowledgeable while having a high level of motivation and commitment on global and local levels.

An effective leader has maximum positive impact on the business and its people.

Global Success Coaching helps you in developing successful global leaders who unleash the potential in others to have constant high results and performance globally and locally.

Our Team

Global Success Coaching is part of an international network of professional Coaches and Specialists from a range of private sectors, with a wide span of international experience and expertise.

We are particularly specialized in supporting organizations, teams, and leaders in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region.

I jumped on the experience of coaching to see what I can learn about my own capacity that I did not yet know. Already in my first session with Cornelia I realized this is very serious business and it is all up to me to set the limits of my experiences and achievements. I decided do be as serious as my coach about this. With fantastic guidance I found areas I never touched before, I [Read more]

Kristina Watanabe, GM, Dagis Japan

Executive Coaching Case Study

Angela was a senior executive of a European multi-national company, sent to an Asian country to head the Executive Management Team. []