Expatriate Coaching

More and more professionals are offered opportunities to work overseas, and more and more international workers are going to Europe, Japan, and North America to find success.

That is one of the reasons why many companies offer cross-cultural services and cultural diversity training in preparation for their employees going abroad, as well as supporting their foreign staff. Such a training, in combination with coaching is a very effective tool.

In Expatriate Coaching, real-time issues and situations are worked on side-by-side with a Cross-cultural Coach.

This enables you to build indispensable skills and you can invest these skills to your own and to your company’s benefit. It also helps you to reduce the “culture shock” and stress living abroad has. Expatriate Coaching has an immediate effect on your productivity, morale, and retention.

Following are comments of expatriates who have worked with a Cross-cultural Coach:

“Working with a Cross-cultural Coach helps you get aware of your map of the world and how to deal productively with challenging differences when they arise”.

“I shifted from ‘same rules, same generic processes around the world’ mentality to being more flexible on local market needs. I can now say that I am confident in my role and that is thanks to having Cross-cultural Identity and Cross-cultural Sensitivity.”

Our Team

Global Success Coaching is part of an international network of professional Coaches and Specialists from a range of private sectors, with a wide span of international experience and expertise.

We are particularly specialized in supporting organizations, teams, and leaders in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region.

Thanks to working with Cornelia, I acquired Cross-cultural Identity and Cross-cultural Sensitivity. This helped me shift from “same rules, same generic process around the world” mentality to being more flexible on local market needs. I can now say that I am confident in my role and I keep delivering results globally and locally.

J. Diamond, General Manager, Across NY

Executive Team Building Case Study

The members of the Executive Management team of a global multi-cultural firm are all very successful in the position they defend, but as a strong, aligned Executive Management team they are quite weak. To strengthen the team’s ability to work successfully together, communicate and be productive, the company hired a professional Coach. []