D. Sguizzarelli, Country Finance Manager, IKEA Australia

How can I describe the coaching sessions I have had with Cornelia in a few words? That’s a challenge itself. When we have had the first meeting over the phone, I was quite nervous as it was something new that I have never done before and… being over the phone not able to see the coach was a strange feeling.

However, thanks to the calm of Cornelia’s voice and the open questions, I felt quite soon really comfortable. It was like she would be in the room with me. When she started questioning my ideas, thoughts, plans and frustrations, I was aware that she was carefully listening to me. Like speaking to a “mirror” she was translating to me what was in my “denial box”. Cornelia always comes back on the important point of the discussion and she will let me go, only when she was sure that I got the message.

If we put motivation, confidence and drive on scale from 1 to 10, when I had my first coaching session, I was around the 3mark…really. After the first three sessions, I was able to climb back to 6mark and only after my holiday, where I had some time to reflect and spend some times on the reflections from the coaching sessions I was able to clarify my mind and during the last session, I really believe I reached the 10mark on my motivation, confidence and drive scale. This thanks to the sessions with Cornelia.

What was and is still important to me, for the coaching sessions, is that I’m able to share my thoughts. I have learned that to enter the session with Cornelia I need to be prepared, I have to write down the topics that I would like to discuss, so that there is a flow during the 60minutes on the phone. I have learned that I can steer the agenda but…. I had to be prepared in order to use the time as its best. I have translated this learning in my work I’m preparing my meetings in a better way and write it down. This gives me the confidence to take also difficult topics or conflicts in a much better way then before. I was sending the first time the document to Cornelia, so that she could check what I wanted to share with my manager and sharing this with her, make me feel much better because she would make me reflect once more and she would just make sure that I would reach the aim of the topic, discussion.

This is in couple of words my journey with Cornelia, a journey that I can suggest to everyone that needs to gain confidence back and wants to find the best way to be a good manager. I really believe that thanks to the help, her patient, her calm and “pushing” approach, I was able to improve myself as a manager and as a more confident person. Thanks Cornelia!