Work-Life Balance Coaching

‘Work – Life balance’ continues to appear as a buzz word but having a real work-life balance is still a wish for many people.

Do you feel that you:

  • wished to have more time for yourself
  • are stressed
  • the day is not long enough to accomplish the whole “to-do” list
  • have poor time management
  • have no time to participate in sports
  • have no time to meet with friends
  • have no time to read a good book
  • have no time to watch a good movie or go to the movie theatre
  • give your best at work and still don’t get the results you want
  • are in a rat race and there is no way to win
  • are unfulfilled and search for a meaning of your mission
  • don’t know where you are heading
  • don’t have clarity in your life?

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the previous statements? Are similar situations occurring in your life? Then Work-Life Balance Coaching might be the perfect answer for you.

You will work with your Coach to clarify your definition of success, fulfillment, and work-life balance. Then you will work on a step-by-step action plan for a successful implementation. Your Coach supports you and will hold you accountable for your defined success.

Our Team

Global Success Coaching is part of an international network of professional Coaches and Specialists from a range of private sectors, with a wide span of international experience and expertise.

We are particularly specialized in supporting organizations, teams, and leaders in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region.

I love working with Cornelia. She always supports me by putting the focus on my internal compass and my love. I can not believe how powerful and free I have become since I have started working with my trusted coach Cornelia.

K. Obara, General Manager, Shinsei Bank

Executive Team Building Case Study

The members of the Executive Management team of a global multi-cultural firm are all very successful in the position they defend, but as a strong, aligned Executive Management team they are quite weak. To strengthen the team’s ability to work successfully together, communicate and be productive, the company hired a professional Coach. []